Latest Technology News of August 2017

Latest Tech News August

Here’s the roundup on the latest technology trends in the month of August.

Elgato Eve Motion

Practically every household has an Apple device. But what if the home itself was powered by Apple? That’s now possible with Elgato’s Eve Motion, a smart sensor that communicates and controls iOS devices, including Apple TV, wirelessly in your home. This home-kit works when triggered by the owner’s movement (or lack thereof) in any room in the house. How cool is having a motion-sensitive device that’s even more sensitive than the people in your house, right?

Aside from being able to send much-needed daily information such as the weather and email notifications, Eve Motion is a small, sleek detector that can turn on the fan for you when it’s hot, turn off the lights in the basement if there are no people in the room, and set timers automatically. Talk about a modern home!

Smart Windows

Another smart trend today applies to another common product: glass windows. Electrochromic technology is now being developed to produce smart windows that dim or become frosted or clear as needed. Smart windows can help regulate heat in the house, allow better vision when looking outside, and secure your privacy. Though this technology isn’t nearly out on the market, Boeing planes have added this feature for high-end passengers. Research on this is ongoing by Columbia University, the prototype being a two-inch glass piece. Researchers are aiming to have it scaled and be available for home use.

Health & Technology

There’s now a scanner that tracks inconsistent pressure points on the body, in order to relive them before tension or pressure is felt and causes problems. St. Mary’s Hospital in the UK uses this handy device, saving those experiencing pressure sores from expensive treatments and costly expenses. This device is also very useful for those confined in wheelchairs and beds for a long time.

VR for Mental health

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Is NOT only for fun and games anymore.

Virtual reality or VR is now used not just for entertainment, but also for mental health. This device that allows visual teleportation is currently being used in a research experiment to cure dementia. Alzheimer’s Research in the UK has the goal of diagnosing this disease by testing the patients’ ability to navigate, a factor that goes off with dementia. A fun, challenging game is designed to collect anonymous data that will be useful for neuroscientists’ assessment.

With each passing day, technology is making way for improved and innovative tools that make our lives even more convenient, allowing faster and more efficient use of resources for human activities, and benefitting humanity in terms of productivity, thus saving resources and overall well-being. These are just among the best and latest technology trends that will leave you in awe. Welcome to the future!


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  1. The VR one thought can only use to watch movies or something for entertainment. Now it can measure mental health. Just wow.

  2. Smart windows are really great for airplanes especially for those passengers who are having their long flights. They can now feel relaxed and can easily sleep when it is really bright outside you can dim the windows.

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